Charity No. 1071771

Suffolk Healers Association

About us:

The Suffolk Healers Association, a membership body primarily for those providing Spiritual or Reiki Healing, is a registered charity formed in 1995. We are a member of ‘The Friendly Group of Spiritual Healing Associations’.

Definition of healing:

The term "spiritual healing" means the beneficial effect which a healer has on a patient when, motivated by their own beliefs and following their normal practice, they administer healing in contact through their hands or at a distance by thought transference or prayer.

Charity Objective:

The Association is established to relieve sickness in the County of Suffolk and adjoining areas by the use of spiritual healing and to advance the education of the public in all aspects of spiritual healing.

Healer Foundation Course:

Suffolk Healers Association provides comprehensive training for those interested in spiritual self development, or becoming a healer. Full details of the course content are provided in the Healer Trainer section.


We provide healing to members of the public in Suffolk and adjoining counties:
• Many of our healers are available to provide distant / absent healing and Suffolk Healers Association also provides a distant healing network – ‘Circles of Light’. Family Healing
• Most of our members are willing to travel reasonable distances to provide contact healing.

Please contact us for information about healers in your area.

Healer Membership Body:

We provide various categories of membership to include those who have completed a Suffolk Healers Association Foundation as well as individuals who have completed Reiki courses or Spiritual Healing training with other bodies.
A variety of continuing professional development opportunities are available for members and others with an interest, in the form of development days and workshops. Insurance cover may also be arranged for our members who have full registration.


The organisation is run by a committee of Trustees. The Trustees are members of Suffolk Healers Association and have been elected by the membership for this voluntary role. The Trustees meet several times a year to oversee the various aspects of maintaining the organisation including legislation, financial affairs and the planning of events and delivery of training. We encourage members to join the committee at our AGM to share their experience and skills and support us in moving our organisation forward to address the changing requirements in delivering our service.